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YVR REMO Show Show EP. 14 - Make 17% ROI Cashflow without doing any work! w/ EPIC ALLIANCE

Welcome back to Episode 14 of the YVR Real Estate & Mortgage Show!

This week we welcome Rochelle Laflamme and Alisa Thompson from EPIC ALLIANCE. Joining us all the way from Saskatoon, we'll be having a conversation about making money by flipping properties in a creative way.

Where Did EPIC ALLIANCE Begin?

Rochelle and Alisa are electricians who were both taking a course in Prince Albert. They were asked to speak to inmates at Pinegrove penitentiary about non-traditional work. This is where they initially met. After meeting, Alisa had helped Rochelle build out her basement suite. It was during this 7-month friendship they discovered the Rich Dad, Poor Dad real estate investing courses. Learning that real estate was both something they could accomplish, they began their journey together. Alisa and Rochelle took 8 out of the 11 courses offered and kept their focus on the residential side of real state. Courses included creative finance, wholesaling, rent to own, lease options, asset protection, and more. Investing into your future is important. Fast-forwarding to their first transaction, it paid all of their education back. This was their first sign that this new career had great potential for income. Their first property was a remodel on a property that had two suites. Another course they embarked on was Fortune Builder's. This course helped complete their knowledge to allow them to reach where they are today. After achieving success, they decided to leave their jobs as electricians in the past and go full-time EPIC ALLIANCE!

What Is The Hassle-Free Landlord Program and Why Does It Work In Saskatchewan?

EPIC looks at markets that are cash-flow rich over appreciation. This is the opposite of Vancouver which is traditionally cash-flow poor and appreciation heavy. EPIC has an aim to invest in residential properties with long-term buy, rent, holds for cash-flow. At the end of the day, even if the market were to go down, your property values will eventually go up. It will only benefit you to have cash flow along the way. This strategy has been working great for the area of Saskatoon.

Where Are Your Most Common Investors From And How Are They Finding You?

Most investors they encounter have been coming from Vancouver and Toronto. A lot of the time, for people to be able to afford to live in those large cities, they are going to be making six-figures or more. They also generally have a property that they have owned for a long time. These two factors result in them having a lot of equity in their home. EPIC helps these investors tap into that equity and figure out how to take that good debt to make them more money with the power of leveraging. Your money should be working just as hard as you are. A lot of people come to EPIC because they don't have to live in the same province to buy a property with guaranteed tenants and piece of mind.

Why Hasn't The Recent Quarantine Been Affecting Your Market?

There are various reasons. One of the biggest is that a lot of the investors EPIC already has realized that the funds they had in stocks dramatically started reducing. They saw EPIC as a reliable source and stuck with them. While the news was reporting situations like landlords not receiving rent, EPIC remained consistent on getting their investors paid.

Where Do You Find Your Tenants And What Does Future Hold For This?

A large variety of EPIC tenants are on social assistance and are on zero alliance with the economy. Throughout this quarantine, they have only seen two tenants that could not pay their rent. There is a trade-off with social assistance meaning heavy maintenance on properties and extra care given. The benefit is that the rent comes from the government which means steady and reliable income.

What Is The Process For Working With EPIC ALLIANCE?

Initially you will be in touch with one of their sales assistants. There will be three or four qualifying questions. These questions are used to determine what their level of equity is, their goals, and whether or not they should have a discovery session phone call. On that phone call with Rochelle, EPIC will have a blueprint on how to get to their financial goals faster.

What Is The Standard Time Requirement For An Agreement With You?

The Hassle-Free Landlord Program is a two-year deal. At the end of two years the investor is given three options.

  1. Renew and continue with the agreement for as long as they want.

  2. Sell the property back to EPIC for a locked-in purchase price.

  3. If there is appreciation, they could buy us out of the contract by reimbursing us for all money that EPIC has put into the property.

You invest in the property without giving us any money. You put your 20% down and pay for the closing costs. You will earn a 15% annual rate of return and get to decide when you want that 20% downpayment back. During the course of ownership, we take care of all fees to maintain and attend to that property.

How Does Guaranteed Rent Work And When Would An Investor See Their First Rental Cheque?

EPIC becomes the guaranteed tenant on a 24-month lease. Every month when they are given the rent to their investor, it will cover the mortgage payment, property taxes, plus their cash flow. EPIC pays that at the first of every month. In the contract EPIC states, they are the ones in charge of anything that can or will go wrong with the property. It also gives them control because they have to sublet to their possible tenants. The tenants only see EPIC as their landlord. On the first day of possession, rent will hit the investor's account.

What Is The Biggest Risk For An Investor?

EPIC has been around for 7 years. The risk is trusting EPIC to be your guaranteed tenant for two years. If something were to happen to Rochelle or Alisa, it's in the contract that if no payment has been on the first of the month, after 15 days the contracts dissolve. You get the property back right away and can choose to sell or carry on with the current tenants.

What Is The Typical Type Of Investor You See?

EPIC works with everybody. The typical investor is someone who is time challenged and wants to be a passive real estate investor. About 75% of EPIC's portfolio is repeat clients. This high return rate is because of how well their program works for generating cash flow.

What Are Some Reasons People Don't Take Advantage Of This Program?

Number one reason would be fear. The case most of the time in Saskatchewan is people have their properties paid off and don't see the value in using their equity to make them cash flow. Taking out 50% from their paid off home could mean having one house at retirement to four or five. That is the power of leveraging.

How Can You Reach EPIC Alliance?

Go to their website

To book a discovery session or to get on their monthly newsletter. You can call them directly on their cellphone at

306-717-7848 or 306-717-3351

Thanks for checking out Episode 14! Come back next Tuesday for Episode 15!

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