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YVR REMO Show Episode 20 - Keys To High Performance w/ DJ DENNER (Real Estate Expert Interview)

We are at 20 episodes! What better way to celebrate than to welcome our friend DJ Denner to the show!

DJ is a luxury real estate agent who operates mainly in West Vancouver, BC. This interview was conducted a few months back when we first hit quarantine.

How has the quarantine break been for DJ?

DJ explains how he likes to take advantages of situations and see them as opportunities. Quarantine has been a moment where he has been able to improve on all aspects of his life both personal and professional. Many people push themselves to the point of burnout but it's more beneficial to set goals and write them down. Only then can you really see what's going on.

Has any changed regarding client contact?

Nothing has changed with current clients as DJ and his team regularly contact them to see if they need any assistance. DJ makes an effort to reach out to 3-5 clients per day. This is done to maintain a good relationship because as he states, "The key to success is that a relationship doesn't start until a deal is done." That is when your clients starts to care.

How did your business change during quarantine?

New clients are now met with a set of new questions. These questions are based around social distancing guidelines. For example at showings, only 2 principal decision makers are allowed on site. VR walkthroughs have always been utilized but now they are more prevalent than ever. With VR tours you can not only see the rooms but you can look up and down and move freely with a set of goggles. With foreign buyers, who are already accustomed to this technology, this method has proved to be the most beneficial. With that being the case, homebuying is still a very emotional experience. VR does help eliminate non-serious buyers. Most people will use the tech to get an idea before the physically make their way to the property.

What make a luxury experience?

"Luxury is not a price tag, rather a level of service." If you think to hotels, the

nicer, and often pricier, options will also add an elevated level of customer service. DJ applies this same strategy as he likes to go above an beyond for those looking for the luxury experience.

Together with realtor Nick Neacsu, DJ runs a team of agents under the name The Deacsu Denner Group. This team consists or realtors DJ, Nick, Kris Lazaruk, Jack Liu, and Chris Langlois. They are led by executive assistant Madison Holman. Through the pandemic, the team held great trust with each other. They all have the same level of care for their clients. You need to have empathy to be good at what you do. You have to also have a high level of energy and optimism.

How do you determine pricing for multi-million dollar homes?

Originally from Pitt Meadows, DJ moved to West Vancouver to embark on his real estate career. He became obsessed with learning the market. The houses in West Vancouver have varying prices. Neighbouring properties can have very different listing prices. The evaluation process comes down to 1 part stat and 1 part gut. DJ takes the prices of similar houses and also considers the clients goals in his process. In the end you need to know your market. If you dedicate time to your craft it becomes easy.

DJ's real estate career began in 2011 on September 5. Angell Hasman had given him a month and a half free of rent while we got established. DJ knew he had to perform and after settling in and setting up his vision board, he was able to achieve his goal of two listings that November. His first property sold was for 3.6 million that same month.

DJ has always felt the sense of responsibility to help people. You can't fake passion. The one thing that has changed is his level of focus and professionalism. He loves to look at his future self to see how he can improve.

"Wealth amplifies who you already are"

Be the most knowledgeable professional in your area. Be yourself and don't let the business change you.

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