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What Is Purchase Plus Improvements?

So, you're out there shopping and you see all these brand new beautiful homes and you wonder to yourself, I would love a piece of that. Then you see the price tag and you think, I'm not sure if I can afford that. Then you start looking at a used property or a resale property because it fits within your budget and you realize, I don't really love the green and the purple carpets and all the paint on the walls isn't what I'm looking for. What if I told you there's a way that you can get the best of both worlds of resale properties with brand new fits and finishes?

It's called Purchase Plus Improvements and it's a program that a lot of our clients like to take advantage of. Here's how it works in a nutshell.

1. First and foremost, you need to get an accepted offer on a property that fits within your budget in your price range.

2. The second step is you get a quote from a contractor for the work that you want to do on the home. When you close on the property, the work gets complete by the contractor.

3. Once the work is complete, an appraiser checks to make sure that you're good to go. Assuming it's done, all the money gets added on to the mortgage and it just gets paid with your regular mortgage payments.

It's that easy. Now when you want to take advantage of that program, make sure to reach out to the team here at Thrive Mortgage Co. We will take very good care of you!

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