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Getting A Mortgage In November - 3 Key Things To Know

We have three key topics to talk to you about when it comes to your mortgage.

Today we're talking about self employed, we're going to talk about your car loan, and we're going to talk about if you were laid off

People have been laid off unfortunately because of COVID. We have a lot of people that are actually concerned that they're not going to be able to get a mortgage because they were laid off. So we just want to let everyone know as long as you're back to work in a full time capacity and we can prove that, we can actually get you financing.

Car lots have been extremely busy. Right now we're seeing a lot of people roll off with brand new cars and SUVs and they've been enticing people with cash backs. Just remember that for every $100 that you're taking in a car loan, that could be the equivalent to over $30,000 of mortgage money so keep that in mind before you go get that new car.DL Lastly, everyone that's self employed, we're getting towards year end time and speaking with our accountants planning for the upcoming year. Now is a great time to plan for your financing and is something that maybe your bank doesn't do, but we're here to help you plan for a strong 2021 whether you're buying a home or just looking to restructure your existing mortgage. It's a great time to plan.1

When you're ready to get your financing in order Make sure to reach out to the team here at Thrive so we can take care of you!

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