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Getting a MORTGAGE for a Presale property

Updated: May 4, 2020

In the past few years there has been a continual trend towards homebuyers purchasing what is often considered a "pre-sale" property. This is a property which is purchase brand new (most often from a developer) and is usually not complete and in many cases has not started building.

There have been some great opportunities for investors and home owners to get into the market and earn equity over a short amount of time. There are also some potential downsides, in particular for those who have not done their financial due diligence with a mortgage professional.

Here's what you should know (WATCH THIS VIDEO ⬇)

How to get started:


Call / Text : 604-398-5575

Fill out an Application

Your Goal:

To purchase a first or second investment property or create wealth through real estate

For clients purchasing a primary residence:

We will build a plan with you & show you how not to lose thousands on your first home and any future investment. Additionally we help you manage the purchase, and teach you what your bank won't. We can provide up to an 18 Month Approval and Rate Hold for our preferred partners and clients.

For clients purchasing a 2nd Property:

We will help you finance your property using your equity to save more money and interest

We will analyze your current property value & financial situation using an "Equity Analysis". Additionally provide support and advising throughout the purchase process and after. Of course we do this at NO cost to the your and no bias to any one bank.

Our Goal:

We look forward to helping you build long term passive income & REAL wealth through a proven vehicle (Real Estate) without negatively impacting your day to day life. In many cases not even using any of your own cash (if you own currently). 

Call us when You're ready!

Thrive Mortgage Co. - Fort Langley BC

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