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Are you REALLY Pre-Approved??

Updated: May 4, 2020

Did you know that the NUMBER ONE reason people DO NOT get their homes, or achieve their financial goals when it comes to Real Estate is lack of preparation??

The Big Mistake

Most mortgage shoppers are smart, they do their due diligence, speak to someone about lending before buying..but what they don't know is how big of a difference it can be when a pre-approval is done properly to their outcome.

Most ONLINE calculators, banks and even some mortgage brokers will happily do a calculation or basic application to provide a general breakdown of your qualification.

How to Fix IT!

A Fully reviewed pre-approval will help you avoid the costly mistakes of an improper one. This would include a full application, all documents submitted, a credit review and a planning conversation. Our team works diligently to provide our clients with the best analysis BEFORE buying a home in order to provide a smooth, stress-free and successful home buying experience, with better terms!

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